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lightbulb momentAnother common household electrical problem is lights regularly flickering or blinking. Common causes could be:

  • A dodgy dimmer switch: This is the most likely culprit if the light is on a dimmer circuit.
  • Light fitting contacts getting loose: Fittings can loosen over time. Loose connections mean the bulb doesn’t sit neatly into the socket.
  • If your fridge is also making a funny noise, there could be a bad neutral connection on your circuit. Call us ASAP.
  • If the flickering is limited to only 1-2 lights, then it is most likely to be a fitting issue. If it is everywhere throughout your home then it is more likely to be your switchboard.
  • If you are on acreage and at the end of the electrical line, then the flickering could be due to voltage fluctuations.

Sometimes it takes a bit of detective work to find the culprit. Generally regularly flickering lights are not a something you can DIY and you will need an electrician to find the cause and fix the problem.

For more information, or if you would like to book a fully qualified, insured and trained electrician in the Brisbane area, please visit www.tradesmenontime.com.au or call 0415 623 770

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Electrical Problems Why Do My Lights Flicker and Blink?