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10 Point Safety Check

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At Tradesmen on Time we think it is important to check out the safety of your property whilst we are there, which is why we offer a FREE 10 Point Safety Check with all jobs we carry out – no matter how small.

We have seen all sorts of electrical safety problems at properties over the years, most of which can be avoided.

The next time you need electrical works done on your property – choose Tradesmen on Time and we will carry out your FREE 10 Point Safety Check

So when we come to your place this is what we will check

We check the safety switch on power circuits
We check Earth Stake (present and in good condition)
We check C/brk for Main Switch (old installations just have a switch)
We check the Surge protector in switchboard (important in QLD during storm season)
We check for Porcelain fuses/old circuit protection present (Assess to see if they are at the end of their serviceable life and need to be replaced)
We check the Meter enclosure condition/ meter isolation link (old wooden boards or Asbestos backing need to be changed to be compliant for metering changes)
We check for Cracked/damaged switch gear (light switches, power points, etc)
We check to see that the smoke alarm is working and in correct location (outside bedrooms, at least one on each level… Did you know that new legislation states that you must have smoke alarms in each bedroom and living area by 2022 for sale of homes 2027 in all homes)
We check to see if there are any Halogen Downlights present (cause fires, use 5 times the power,our suggestion is to swap to LED’s as safe green alternative)
We check the Sensor light in outside traffic areas (these prevent trips and falls and also work to keep your property secure)


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Why Choose TMOT Free 10 Point Safety Check