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Chris, TMOT’s owner likes the odd spot of fishing. So we sent him off on an outback fishing holiday in the NT.

Today we received an email from him. We were excitedly looking forward to seeing photos of Chris relaxing with the odd decent fish in hand.  And this is what he sent us. Photos of dodgy wiring on the houseboat!

We guess a good electrician is never off duty.

dodgy exposed wiring

Uncovered wiring on the top deck of the houseboat – fully exposed to the elements

dodgy air conditioning wiring

This air con has no cover and has 2 power points under it. One for normal use, the other for when the first genny laboured and you then had to start up the other genny and swap the lead to the other point.
















If you are not sure of the electrical safety of your wiring, give Tradesmen on Time a call to test it for you (and tell Chris some of your fishing stories)– 0415 623 770

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