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When Brisbane moved to digital TV transmission, the problem of snowy or static filled TV reception from the old analogue signal disappeared with it.  Now, the most common TV reception problem call outs we get are for the picture going blank for periods of time (also known as the digital cliff), or pictures looking pixelated as if you are in a Minecraft game.

Common TV Reception Problems in Brisbane

If your TV reception is on the dodgy side, here are the most common causes for the problem.

1. Poor quality, old or damaged coaxial leads from the TV to the antenna socket

Leads take a lot of beating. Old or cheap leads can turn an expensive TV into a glorified paperweight. Invest in high quality TV leads and keep them free of kinks, squishes, bends and other trauma.

2. Old style wall plates (usually with old saddle type connections)

If your connector cable is wobbly when it plugs into your wall plate, it usually means your wall plate is sporting an old style connector. These connectors degrade with use and should be replaced for clearer digital TV reception. Unfortunately, you can’t tell just from looking at the wall plate what type of connector is in the back, so you need an electrician to check it out for you and replace it if needed.

3. Damaged aerial cables

Cables that run up the outside of the house to reach your TV aerial are battered by storms, rampaging galahs and cockatoos, and intense sunshine. This takes its toll on any cabling which flows on to your TV reception. Running new cables can turn garbled into glorious!

4. Damaged Splitters or too many outlets

The splitter is basically a junction that distributes the signal from the aerial to the multiple TV points in your home. Every time there is a join, there is the possibility for the signal to deteriorate if the connection is not perfect.  Also if you have too many outlets on the one aerial the signal can be weakened by being shared around so much.  Splitters can be damaged by being exposed to the elements, and if it is an older saddle type splitter the junctions may not be good enough for digital signals, we can check these and replace them fairly easily.  Too many outlets on a single aerial can be fixed by the installation of a powered signal booster.

5. Damaged TV Aerials

TV aerials can get knocked off, bent and otherwise moved after a storm or windy day. Your aerial needs to be in good condition and pointed in the right direction to receive the best signal.

6. Signal Blocking

Apartment buildings, new commercial buildings, and even landscape features such as Mt Gravatt, can all block the signals being transmitted from Mt Cootha. Basically, TV reception is “line of sight”, which in Brisbane is why the TV stations are all perched on Mt Cootha, so if your antennae can’t see Mt Cootha you’re in strife. More powerful antennas and raising the height of your aerial are a few alternatives that can be considered (other than moving house of course).

7. TV tuning not updated

As new TV stations are added, TVs need to be re-scanned to update to the new frequencies. Your TV problems could be resolved by something as simple as retuning your TV (… now where’s that instruction manual?)

8. Interference

Mobile phone towers, high voltage power lines and old fashioned electrical equipment can all cause interference with your TV reception. Recently, we even had TV reception badly affected by a cheap and nasty LED bulb that caused RFI (radio frequency interference) whenever it was switched on! You may need a filter or masthead amplifier installed on your TV aerial to help remove the unwanted interference with your signal.

If you are having TV reception problems in Brisbane, give Tradesmen on Time a call. We can sort out all cabling, wiring and interference problems, as well as install new TV aerials if needed. We have been fixing TV reception problems in Brisbane for over a decade, and are a trusted company that will turn up when we say we will.

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