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We invest heavily in staff training for all of our team. One of our areas of primary focus is workplace health and safety training, with a fully integrated safety and skills training program that includes regular safety meetings. These meetings are tailored to the particular needs of our business and we concentrate the training on areas of deficiency or changes in “best practice” within the industry.

  • Monthly safety meetings, with our Safety Connect facilitators, where staff are informed and educated on the issues facing the industry including recent incidents and how we can work together to ensure we all go home safely to our families each night.
  • Fortnightly Toolbox talks discussing relevant safety topics and refresher training covering topics such as testing, ladder safety and opportunities for feedback on current work sites.
  • Biannual compliance training in low voltage rescue and CPR, facilitated by an external provider.
  • Training in the use of our Customer Relations Management Software (CRM) IMAN, and understanding the relevance and importance of documenting safe work procedures and the use of mobile technology to increase productivity.

Here’s our team refreshing their CPR skills last week. One of those essential skills every person needs!

TMOT first aid refresher training

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