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How do you manage your buildings electrical maintenance? A reactive approach is common, and whilst fixing problems as they occur is important, imagine if the problems didn’t arise in the first place? Imagine if you could rid yourself of the stress of worrying about that 1am phone call to respond to a power outage or alarms going off due to a tripped switch? The solution is simple – scheduled maintenance!

Regularly scheduled electrical maintenance is crucial, not only to maintain the efficient and safe operation of the buildings electrical systems, but also to avoid long-term issues and to save costs! A reputable electrical contractor like Tradesmen on Time will work with you to put a schedule plan in place that is tailored to your electrical maintenance requirements.

Important things to consider

Routine maintenance also limits possible liability. Damaged lights in common areas such as walkways and car parks can increase your liability if someone is injured because of the fault. If security is managed by keypads and access systems you will need to ensure that these are in full working order at all times as well.

Plus, remember – a well-lit and safely secured building also makes a much better impression than one that isn’t, it shows that you care and are diligent, which in turn reflects on how you do business and communicates that you are professional.

The Costs

Emergency repairs are far more expensive than routine maintenance. A scheduled electrical maintenance contract may initially seem like an extra expenditure BUT if you don’t do it, it can often catch up with you and the bill will be much bigger in the end.

Anytime you are calling a contractor or service professional out to fix a problem that already exists, you are going to pay more than if the problem was detected and fixed before it reached an emergency. Budgeting for emergencies is impossible, but budgeting for scheduled maintenance is easy!

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Note: Electrical maintenance of any kind should always be carried out by a qualified electrician like Tradesmen on Time.

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