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Are you deep in the mine field that is home renovation? Are you unsure of what is out there or what you even need?

Home renovation offers a perfect opportunity to not only upgrade old wiring for safety, to move power points for convenience, but also to take advantage of the advancements in technology and give yourself that little bit of luxury that is now affordable for every home!

The “Smart” Era…..  do you feel the need for some of these features in your newly renovated home? It is not as out of reach as you may think.

  • Save on energy costs with motion detectors to turn off lights in empty rooms
  • Automatically turn lights on when you arrive home after dark
  • Program lights to automatically turn on/off at certain times of the day – great for security when you are away!
  • Turn all lights and electronics in an area on/off with a single button
  • Stream music to every room in your house
  • Control your home’s audio from your phone or wall mounted touchscreen
  • Access your CCTV stream via your smartphone
  • Program all your home’s lights to activate if there is an attempted intrusion
  • Automatically lock/unlock doors when you leave/arrive home

Well apart from the fun stuff, deciding what home automation you would like, including someone to make you a cuppa, renovating can be a tricky business, click resources. And don’t let shows like ‘The Block’ fool you! In reality, most renovations are long, hard and tiring work.

Here are a few things to consider as part of the planning for your renovation: –

  • The lounge is the most used room in the house, you’ll spend the most of your time here, so you need to get the lighting right. Plan it out!
  • In the lounge, you will need multiple power points to keep your TV and technology running.
  • Data!! In this interconnected world we live in most homes have a n average of 13 connected devices! WiFi is suitable for phones and tablets but doesn’t quite cut it for entertainment units and streaming content, hardwired points are a must for reliable Internet. Patchy WiFi coverage also can be improved by strategically placed repeaters plugged into hard wired ethernet points.
  • Temperature regulation is another important consideration for any lounge. Think air-con, fans, heating…
  • When you plan your kitchen design – make sure you consider your power requirements. So many appliances need power points, and you will also need effective lighting for safety as well as aesthetics.
  • Smoke detectors are a necessity and the new smoke alarm legislation that came into effect in 2017 means that conducting a reno may require you comply with the new code fully ahead of the 2022 deadline.
  • Bathrooms are filled with tricky renovation decisions. Power points need strategic placement, and just like the kitchen – you need to plan ahead. Position a few around your vanity for easy access to small electrical appliances.
  • Lighting is always a focal point for bedroom reno’s, and you will have to consider fans or a small air con unit, depending on your budget.
  • You will need multiple power outlets for bedside lighting, TVs and even your phone charger or alarm.
  • Your laundry also needs plenty of power points for your washing machine, dryer, and any other extra electrical items you use for regular cleaning, such as vacuum cleaners and steam mops!
  • Councils and building codes now specify a energy efficiency rating for lighting and the easiest way to achieve this is LED lighting, as a general rule it uses 20% of the energy of other lighting and last 10 times as long.
  • Outdoor garden lighting is important for entertaining and creating atmosphere. If you have room to entertain, power points are a must. If you love having friends around, you may need power points for heating, the beer fridge or other small electrical appliances like a blender for frozen margaritas or a sound system ???? We are coming to your house!!!!

The options are endless, and at Tradesmen on Time we are happy to help! Give us a call and we can help you with your home renovation plans to make sure you get the results you want that work best for you.

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