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Many houses in the Brisbane area still have an old SERF board (semi-enclosed rewireable fuse board). They are the sort of boards that will see you standing out in the dark with a torch trying to wind fuse wire when a fuse blows. It was standard technology in its day but has now been superseded by time and technology – first by HRC fuses, then circuit breakers (MCB’s), and now by combination safety switch/circuit breakers (RCBO’s).

SERF boards have in fulfilled their effective service life and should be replaced by RCBO’s as they provide over-current, short circuit, and earth leakage protection. In other words – they are much safer as well as being much easier to maintain.

We are very experienced in switchboard upgrades and can replace your old SERF board (generally with safety switch protection on the combined power circuits) with individual RCBO’s on all of the final sub circuits, including lights, hot water, power, and stove circuits. This means less “nuisance” safety switch tripping on shared circuits, and gives you the highest degree of safety to people on your home from electric shock.

Next time we are at your place on a job, ask us to check whether your switchboard is compliant with the latest standards and assess whether or not your incoming power (mains) are adequate and need to be upgraded.

If you would like to book an upgrade for your switchboard, call us on 0415 623 770

Old switchboard
New switchboard

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