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You know that, but are you installing a spa or a swimming pool? If so, mandatory electrical work is required. All electrical equipment and conductive metalwork in the general pool area must be properly earthed (bonded). It is best to discuss all the electrical work with your pool builder, and consult your electrical contractor early in the design and planning process. Bonding conductors must be installed early on in the planning process. Ideally there should be no conductive metal anywhere near the edge of the pool and if they are within arms reach they need to be bonded as well.

Cleaning swimming and spa pools is essential both for health reasons and to avoid any contamination, but cleaning relies on mechanical and chemical processes which are all controlled by electrical systems

There has to be equipotential bonding to the electrical earthing system for an above ground pool with a sheet metal structure or a pool or deck with a reinforced steel shell, or indeed any conductive metal more than 100mm in any direction less than 1.25 metres from the edge of the pool. Of course this includes conductive ladders and diving boards and fencing and it goes without saying that safety switches are vital protection on all power and lighting circuits.

Brisbane Pool Electricians & Safety Experts

Safety is the crucial priority and going over safety tips with family and loved ones may help them to stay safe. You don’t want a tragedy to remind you that water and electricity don’t mix. Water and electricity are entirely dependent on IEC International Standards to function properly and safely

Any equipotential bonding conductor and connection method has to be designed and built specifically for spa and swimming pools. The earthing cable must have corrosion and mechanical resistant protection and everything must be electrically tested to be sure that it is of the necessary low resistance.

Electric shock drowning describes the cause of a death that occurs when swimmers are exposed to electric currents in the water

Water itself doesn’t conduct electricity, but the impurities suspended in the water do, and they allow electricity to flow through the water — and standing water can be electrically charged in relation to the conductive surfaces around it.

Never use extension cords that were designed for indoor use outdoors, and remember that bathrooms have specific clearances between plumbing and electrical equipment.

If you are not sure how safe your bathroom, kitchen or pool area is, or you are planning future work, contact award-winning residential and commercial electricians Tradesmen On Time today. We are affordable, experienced, professional experts and we guarantee to turn up punctually as promised and to do a brilliant job every time.

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