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Not all the work of an electrician is installing power points in walls or adding in new light fittings.Here are some photos of a major project we recently finished in Sunnybank.

A string of 11 commercial shops had been damaged in a fire – the problem was that the 3 shops that had been burned out had asbestos in them. This meant that the ceilings and roof cavities of all the shops in the centre had become contaminated with asbestos fibres.

Our job was to work with the decontamination and rebuilding team and restore power to the centre. The project had all the possible complexities you could imagine.

We needed to:

  • run generators to the non-damaged shops so they could continue to trade while work was being completed,
  • remove all electrical cables in the roof,
  • remove all cable trays (all the while numbering them so we could put them all back again once the ceiling was decontaminated),
  • act as safety spotters for the roofers and decontamination team– helping them to identify and avoid any live cables, and then
  • rewire and replace all the cables.

And did we mention that until the site was decontaminated, we had to wear full PPE safety suits and breathing apparatus – while working in the boiling hot Brisbane summer sun reflected off the roof?

The whole project took a week and a half  on a massive 40m x 20m of roof space. Great job done by Dalton, Jack & the team!

If you would like to book one of our fully qualified, insured and trained electricians in the Brisbane area, please call TMOT on 0415 623 770

Electrician kitted out to work on asbestos roof

Dalton in full PPE working on rewiring the asbestos roof

Our electrical hut on the roof

Our little shade hut on the roof to keep us shaded while we rewired the commercial ceiling




Jack the electrical work experience guy

Jack – Our work experience guy












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