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As you pack away your outside Christmas lights for the year, it’s time for a few quick checks to help you stay safe the next time you go to use them.

  1. Check to see if the plug that goes into the power socket is weathered cracked or has loose wires showing. Action: If even slightly dodgy – turf them.
  2.  Test each light bulb to make sure the full strand works before packing them away. Action: Replace any burned out bulbs or consider turfing them in favour of a new energy efficient LED string next Christmas.
  3.  Check the full length of the cable for any weathered bits or exposed wires. Action: If you find any problems then turf the lights.
  4. If your lights are more than a few years old, then consider replacing them. Christmas lights are not designed for long term use, and the action of putting them up and down, and then exposing them to the harsh Brisbane weather means you only really get a few years of safe use.
  5. Roll them up carefully rather than folding, scrunching or generally shoving them into a box. You can pick up old cable reels from places like Bunnings to keep your wires in good nick and your temper cool next time you try and unroll them ready for use.
  6. Store them in a dry, pest free environment. We store our lights in plastic tubs rather than cardboard boxes. It keeps them away from mice and rats in the garage, and free from moisture that can cause additional damage to your lights.
  7. Label all the bits. Yes, I know this seems a bit over the top, but labelling any power packs and transformers and then storing them together with your lights helps stop mistakes when you use the wrong lights with the wrong transformer. You can pop the transformer into a small zip-lock bag and then use some handy dandy wire ties or sticky tape to tie it to the matching strand of lights.

By taking a few more minutes now, you will save hours of untangling down the track as well as boosting the safety of your friends and family.

 If you are not sure if your lights are safe, you can get us to test and tag your Christmas Lights for you. Call us to book in.


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