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Smoke Alarm, Safety Switches Installations and Upgrades in Brisbane

How safe is your property? How soundly do you and your family – or your tenants – sleep at night? Are you sure that you comply with all the Queensland rules and regulations? Maybe it would be wise to check with Tradesmen On Time. One of life’s necessities is a trustworthy master electrician within reach, who is guaranteed to turn up and do a brilliant job every time.

No hard sell from Tradesmen On Time. Our expertise and experience in the electrical industry spans over thirty years and we offer a $50 on time guarantee. No nasty surprises as far as bills are concerned either.

Of course you know that to rent out your property it has to meet the new smoke alarm laws? And prices will never be lower than they are now. There are still 400,000 alarms that have to be upgraded, and our photoelectric and compliant Red Smoke Alarms have a full, 10-year warranty. They are interconnected too.

Switchboards & Safety Switches Brisbane

You can count on Megan at Tradesmen On Time to coordinate everything to keep your family and home safe and make sure you only need to make one phone call

But before that, why don’t you take a photograph of your switchboard and send it to us right now? Do your light bulbs flicker? Has a fuse blown recently? Your switchboard may be struggling. You know how it is – after it’s installed you forget all about it. Until there’s a problem, of course. But was your house built before 1990? Do you still have the original outdated switchboard with porcelain fuses? Have you been adding more appliances all these years – maybe air conditioning and a swimming pool? Safety Switches keep your family safe from electric shocks.

Tradesmen On Time can call on you and perform a free initial audit to ascertain the suitability of your metering installation. And provide you with a report suggesting corrective actions and an estimate for rectification.

Then there are storms. Did you know that lightning can deliver a surge that may literally blow electrical equipment apart? If you run or work in industrial premises, a hard wired surge protector or transient voltage surge suppressor is the first layer of protection against power surges and lightning strikes. Almost every home has computers and television sets, and often a home theatre system too. Since household electrical items are increasingly complex, it really makes sense to protect all of them from power outages and electrical surges.

If you live in or around Brisbane, contact Tradesmen On Time today – we’re the best!


Local Emergency Electrician in South & North Brisbane

We have been around for a long time and have won state and national awards. We’re your friendly, professional electricians in Brisbane.

BTW, here is Megan, our office guru.

She is super-efficient and understanding. Megan will coordinate everything to keep your family and home safe! Contact Megan now!

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