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Smoke Alarms North Brisbane: Installation & Maintenance

This is a horror story. Please read it and take note.

Recently Tradesmen On Time were called to a house where a serious fire had been started by something as innocent as a birthday cake having been placed on a bed with a sparkler. And the bed was in a bedroom without a smoke alarm. They took the cake to the kitchen and the bedroom was empty, not for long, but for long enough. Everyone was elsewhere, someone came back within minutes to get a phone to take some birthday snaps and the room was on fire!

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So these photographs are of the damage that was done in a very short time. Luckily there were no children or animals in the house at the time. But that was a potentially disastrous and deadly situation. And a careless and unnecessary one too.

Queensland smoke alarm laws have changed, and they affect every Queensland landlord. Upgrading the smoke alarms in your rental property is not an option – it’s the law.

Please remember that whenever you hear anyone wonder why smoke alarms have become mandatory in all bedrooms. And all bedrooms mean not just your bedroom, but every bedroom in your home. If you were pro-active you perhaps would have installed smoke alarms when you first moved in or when they were first invented and you realized how vitally lifesaving they can be.

Are you aware that you are most probably sleeping in flammable bedding?

There have always been jokes about the charred skull engraved ‘Poor old Fred smoked in bed’. No one should ever smoke in bed. Has it ever occurred to you that bedsheets and doonas made with synthetic materials are flammable?

Do not ever charge phones on the bed or put flames (candles, oil burners, tea lights) anywhere near bedding or soft furnishings such as cushions or plush toys. Do your research and consider buying bedding that is less flammable and has fire retardant properties.

Smoke Alarm Services in North Brisbane

Tradesmen On Time use Red Smoke Alarms exclusively

And all Red Smoke alarms come with a full 10-year warranty, guaranteeing them for their entire life. Unlike other brands, you will never have to pay for replacing a faulty smoke alarm.

As Tradesmen On Time’s gift to you, we will install a Smoke Alarm Controller on your property for free when we upgrade your property. That’s a gift valued at $120.00 – free for you.

Call Tradesmen On Time today – now – before it’s too late.


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