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Smoke Alarm Testing Brisbane

Smoke alarm testing in Brisbane! Tradesmen On Time local electricians in Brisbane, use real smoke to make sure your home is safe! 

Fire! That’s a word that strikes real and well-founded fear in everyone’s heart, for nothing can ever be more frightening or heartbreaking than the smouldering ruins of one’s own home — that is every property owner’s permanent nightmare.

Licensed Electricians Brisbane: Smoke Alarm Testing

Queensland households should be the safest in Australia in relation to fire safety

Legislation has been in force since January 2017 requiring all Queenslanders who are building or renovating a home to install interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms to the new standard. From January 2022 it will be mandatory for all homes when they are sold to comply with the new standard. The new standard mandates hardwired (or 10yr battery) photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms in every bedroom, connecting hallways and on each storey.

Photoelectric smoke alarms have been proven to be more effective in the domestic home

And from 1 January 2027, this requirement will also apply to all other domestic dwellings. Look up your obligations on the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website, and act promptly to ensure that you are ahead of the pack when it comes to upgrading ionisation smoke alarms, which may be slow to react, to more effective photoelectric smoke alarms. It is time to have the appropriate alarm system installed in your own home.

Upgrading your smoke alarms today may save a life tomorrow

Early action is always advisable, given that the demand is bound to increase with the approach of each new deadline. It is vital to make sure that your smoke alarm system complies with the latest regulations, and that you have the services of qualified, experienced, committed electricians to carry out the necessary work. Tradesmen On Time, with its long background in and around Brisbane and its highly respected team of expert, licensed electricians, are here to look after you and to make sure that you have all the information you will need to proceed with the requisite installation.

Call in the very best licensed local electricians

Knowledgeable, experienced and affordable, Tradesmen On Time will give you the very best advice and service and assist you to act straight away to secure peace of mind for both your family and yourself. Tradesmen On Time are fully conversant with all the Queensland legislation relating to home safety.

Fire is all-consuming, destructive and frightening: make sure that you and your loved ones stay safe.

Tradesmen On Time test with real smoke and make sure that all faulty batteries are replaced. Contact us today and we’ll come round and check your home is safe and provide you with a quote.


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