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Smart Home Automation Brisbane

For Seamless integration and total control – Get Tradesmen on Time to smart wire your home!

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Home Automation Systems Installation by TMOT Electricians in Brisbane

Smart Home Automation in Springwood, Strathpine, Caboolture, Bribie, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay, Redland


A truly intelligent home is one that can be programmed to suit your lifestyle.

Home and building automation gives you comfort, convenience and peace of mind.

Think about automated lighting controls, home theatres, smart phone intercoms, automated garage door and window shutters, as well as home energy management – automation is no longer a luxury, it is a way of life! Yours?

The Benefits of Home and Building Automation

You no longer need to worry whether you left the garage door open when you left for work or whether you switched off the TV. And don’t worry about asking the neighbour to open and close your blinds when you are away on holiday! Home and Building automation will take care of all of that for you!

Imagine being able to access your security systems remotely, seeing who is at the door and even unlocking or locking the door remotely! Think about your favourite music playing as you enter the house, or your oven switching on to warm when you arrive home! Provide instant privacy at the touch of a button with intelligent motorised blinds. Which can also be programed to respond to sunlight and temperature.


It is all possible with home and building automation!

  • Increase home security – Automated lighting, surveillance and intercoms can help to keep you safe and deter attackers. Plus the convenience of SMS alert notifications!
  • Reduce power bills – Energy efficient automation systems will eliminate energy use when you are not there and can even recommend settings to reduce your power bills.
  • Increase convenience and comfort – Prepare your home before you arrive or wake up with automated temperature systems. Imagine if you could adjust the preferences of different family members or enjoy a completely automated home that reacts to your every move.
  • Gain peace of mind – Control all of your appliances, and even answer the door, when you are not home.

Creating your home and building automation

You can automate your entire home from scratch or you can add different automation features over time. If you have a limited budget, no problem! You can design a complete home automation system and simply implement it in stages to suit your budget. Have it all now or add extra features as you go – your home automation system has no limits.

Tradesmen On Time offers a full range of customised home and building automation solutions, so that home owners can enjoy all of the benefits, whilst considering their budget, current needs and future plans

Tradesmen On Time choose Nero Automation Technology


Nero is an affordable, scalable, and retrofit solution that allows you to build your dream smart home, one switch at a time. Your smart phone or tablet becomes the control interface for all of your connected devices, seamlessly merging lifestyle and technology into one.


Available for both iOS and Android, My Nero is the easiest way to access all of your devices directly from your smart phone or tablet. Features include auto-populated list views, ability to toggle between modes and easy setup of scenes, triggers and advanced automation such as geo-fencing.

At Tradesmen On Time we choose NERO as our product of choice for Building Automation upgrades. NERO is a scalable retrofit wireless automation solution that allows you to build your dream home, one switch at a time.

smart home automation brisbane - install automated home systems Springwood, Strathpine, Caboolture, Bribie, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay, Redland

With the range of NERO products you can now:

  • Connect all of your communication devices so they talk to each other
  • Turn your electrical devices such as lights and fans on or off from one location
  • Control your LED down lights
  • Control your temperature
  • Control your blinds and doors
  • Manage your security with motion sensors and digital deadbolts

Nero Product Info Environexus Product Guide PDF

Environexus Product Guide PDF

Ask us how we can automate your home!

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