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Electrical Maintenance Brisbane

Tradesmen on Time electrical maintenance in Brisbane: fault diagnosis, testing, electrical components repair, regular routine service. Call us: 1300 853 564

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — what about wear and tear? Do you believe in preventive electrical maintenance and testing or do you just repair things when they go wrong?

Electrical maintenance includes fault diagnosis, regular routine servicing, and repairing electrical components. And energy efficiency reduces overheads

Protecting your staff and stuff should be a priority, and the reliability and integrity of your electrical distribution system should be too. Therefore scheduled maintenance inspection and testing and servicing your equipment should most certainly be carried out on a regular basis. That means at least once every three years, but really rather more often for critical components. Of course well-maintained equipment – supported by an optimised electrical system – tends to have a longer life cycle and higher productivity, helping you to save on both replacement and repair costs.

Preventive maintenance tasks are completed when the machines are shut down and predictive maintenance activities are carried out while the machines are running normally

Electrical Maintenance & Testing in Brisbane

The three main types of electrical maintenance are:

  • Preventive maintenance, where all equipment is regularly and properly serviced before any faults occur, and all equipment is kept in good working condition and continuously assessed. Maintenance is carried out whenever indicators signal deterioration.
  • Periodic in-house maintenance of all equipment, which consists of data collection, visual inspection, pressing of test buttons on safety switches and smoke alarms etc. Minimal training is required, although variables such as temperature, vibration, power consumption, etc., can be identified.
  • Corrective maintenance, where the tradesman immediately puts right any defect or fault found in the equipment.

Scheduled electrical maintenance is an important part of managing work health and safety risks, but it can also lead to benefits like energy efficiency and lower power bills.  Regular maintenance makes it more likely that you will be able to catch any electrical issues before they become major problems, damaging equipment and appliances.

Avoid long-term issues and save costs —Tradesmen On Time are professional, efficient and affordable. Your schedule can be tailored to your electrical maintenance requirements on our state-of-the-art, cloud-based booking software. Scheduled maintenance can save your business time and money by reducing interruptions, eliminating energy wastage, and making sure equipment operates smoothly.

We are award-winning residential and commercial electricians who guarantee to turn up and do a brilliant job every time, and our three core values are Do it Right – Do it On Time – Add Value. Please contact us today.


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