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Safety Switch Constantly Tripping?


Safety switch Tips

Is your safety switch tripping but you have no idea why or what’s causing it?

Our free safety switch guide and troubleshooter will help you identify exactly what it causing the problem and whether you need to call an electrician, or if it is something you can sort yourself.


Step-by-step instructions


Easy to follow


Save money on un-needed callouts

I wanted to say thank you very much for posting the information online about what to do when the safety switch won’t reset. When I encountered the problem this morning my local electrician wanted to charge me over $300 to attend an after hours (Sunday) call-out & so I booked him for the next day. I explained the problem & asked for guidance but received none. In the interim, I Googled the problem & came across your explanation. Problem fixed. Thank you. You saved me time & a whole lot of money!

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