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Need to Upgrade Your Switchboard?

Professional upgrades at a reasonable price

Switchboard Upgrades

Adding in air-conditioning or a new pool, or extending your home may mean that you need your switchboard upgraded to cope with the additional load.  Our electricians can assess your current and anticipated electrical load, and advise on whether you need to replace or upgrade your switchboard.

We can also repair faulty switchboards or install safety switches on your power or lighting circuits.

If you need your fuse box replaced, or switchboard repaired or upgraded – call Brisbane’s Master Electricians Tradesmen on Time for a quote.

Fuse Box Replacements

Older homes used to have fuse boxes. When the fuse would blow (usually at night), dad or mum would head out with the torch, pull the old fuse out of the box and re-thread the fuse wire before putting the fuse back into the fuse box (and hoping that the power would come back on).

The problem is old fuse boxes were not designed to cope with all the modern electrical appliances we use, so there is a real risk of fire or overloading your circuits.

If you have an old-style fuse box, it is time that your fuse box was retired and replaced with a safer more modern switchboard.

Tradesmen on Time can replace your fuse box in North Brisbane at a time that is convenient to you, with one that is safe, easy to use and doesn’t need you to re-thread wires.

Upgrade Your Switchboard

Increase the safety & reliability of your power





Electrical Safety Switch Installation

One of the essentials in any home is an electrical safety switch. Installed in your fuse box or switchbox, it monitors current flowing through a circuit. When it detects an electrical leak, it automatically turns off the circuit in a split second – enough time to reduce the risk of death through electrocution.

All new homes built in Queensland since 1992 must have a safety switch installed. You also must have safety switch installed if you rent an older home out, or if you sell a home.

For more information about safety switch installation, see the Qld Government website.

We also recommend that safety switches be installed when you are renovating your home and that you install safety switches on your lighting circuits for added peace of mind.

Like every piece of equipment, you need to regularly test your safety switch to make sure it is in good working order.  We recommend testing your safety switch twice a year.

If you need a safety switch installed on your power or light circuit, would like a hand to test your switches or you are worried your safety switch may be faulty, give us a call.

Surge Protectors

Nearly all of us have home insurance that covers the loss or damage associated with a power surge. The term usually found in the policy is “fusion”. In Brisbane, this type of event normally occurs during one of our spectacular Spring or Summer electrical storms.

Whilst it is great to have insurance to cover you for the financial loss incurred by such events, money does nothing to reduce the inconvenience and disruption of being without the utility of potentially ALL your electronic devices for an extended period until your claim can be processed and new appliances obtained.

For less than $400 we can install a surge protector (also known as a surge diverter or surge arrester) on your switchboard. This device diverts any over-voltage spikes safely to the ground (through your earth stake) rather than through your appliances which is what causes the catastrophic damage to the electronic circuitry.

Your surge protector does wear out though and must be checked periodically. It can normally take 2 to 3 normal “surges” before it has to be replaced. In most types there is an indicator window that is green, this turns to yellow when it is depleting, and then red when it is no longer effective.

Before the next storm season kicks in give us a call to install a surge protector that is right for your property.

Upgrade Your Switchboard today

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