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Electrical Installation & Maintenance for your Pool & Spa

Swimming Pool & Spa Electrician in Brisbane:

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Electrical safety for pools, water features, spas, hot tubs


Do you get a zap or tingle when you are near your pool lighting, in your hot tub, adjusting your water feature or working near your pool pump? Are your pool lights not working properly or there is mould growing on the inside of the glass? Stop! Don’t use your pool until you have had it checked and repaired. Electricity and water don’t mix. Call us now to test and repair the electricals around your pool and ensure you have a current safety switch installed.

We can also check if any conductive structure within arm’s reach of the pool (fence, sheds, lamps, diving boards, stairs etc) have been correctly earthed for even greater safety.

Don't let your pool sink your savings

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Ways to save money on your electricity bill

Do you have a pool and are sick of paying too much on your electricity bill? Do you have your pool on a tariff but are fed up with the hassle of having to pay a sparky to disconnect every time something goes wrong with your pool equipment, or it needs a service?

With the changes to the use of controlled tariffs on dedicated pool circuits, you no longer need to hard wire your pool chlorinator and equipment to be able to access a lower cost electricity tariff.


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We have three competitive solutions for you:

  • If you have a dedicated pool circuit that is currently hard-wired and you are on a controlled tariff, we can change you over from an isolator to a weatherproof outlet.
  • If you have a pool on a dedicated circuit on an existing power point but you are not currently running on a controlled tariff, we can install a meter isolation link, prepare meter wiring, and submit forms to Energex to get a new meter installed for you.
  • Not all pools come installed with timers to run their pumps. If you want a set and forget pool – talk with us about installing timers.

Stay safe & save money with your pool & spa electricals

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