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Data Points & Cabling Brisbane

Home networking makes the most out of your technology

Data Cabling & Data Points by TMOT Electricians in Brisbane

Data Points Installation & Repair in Springwood, Strathpine, Caboolture, Bribie, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay, Redland

These days a lot of our lives are lived online. If you stream movies to your computer or if you (or your kids) are into online gaming, you will get better results if your computer is wired into your home network rather than attempting to stream the data over your WiFi.

Why? With WiFi you will always get a small lag – which is usually enough for online gaming competitors to take you out in the heat of battle, and movies to freeze at critical moments.

Installing home network data points keeps the peace and gives you the fastest possible internet.

At Tradesmen On Time we can install data points in your study, TV room, kitchen, bedroom – wherever you access the internet. Just pop in the ethernet cable to your computer and you are good to go.

If you want fast downloads and clear reception in your home, home office or small office, you can’t go past connecting your technology through data points and smart wiring.

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Why Invest in Data Cabling & Data Points


  • Get the full benefit of NBN – Data cabling through your house allows full access to the potential NBN speeds in your home. There’s no point connecting a fire hose to a straw!
  • Smooth movie streaming – No more jittery pictures or lag!
  • Super fast downloads – Download movies in minutes not hours.
  • Share technology –  Share printers, music systems and streaming devices across your network.

Our data cabling services

On time, fully compliant cabling

Tradesmen On Time hold an Australian Cablers Registration Services – ACRS Open Cables Licence. This means that all of our cabling is fully compliant with requirements of the Australian Communications Authority.


Cat 5e and Cat 6 Data Cabling


Coaxial cabling installation


Network cabling from an NBN Modem


WiFi Repeaters/Boosters


Additional power, phone & data points


Phone cabling & points


Patch panels & server racks


Single or multi outlets


Home computer networking


Voice cabling


Media Centre Data

Need help with data cabling or data points? Call us!

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