Air Conditioning Installation

Split System Air Conditioner Supply & Installation

Want to take the sting out of our hot Brisbane summers by installing an air-conditioner?

Install a Split System Air-conditioner

Tradesmen on Time can supply and install premium split-system air-conditioners for homes across Brisbane. We only supply and install quality brands including Fujitsu and Mitsubishi so you can relax knowing you will have years of trouble-free comfort.

Never have to swelter through a sticky summer’s night, or freeze during a chilly winter’s morning again!

Choosing the right air-conditioner for your home takes a little bit of know-how. Room size, room design, and the house direction on your block all influence the the size of the system you need.

With Tradesmen on Time, you are never left guessing. We take the time to measure and check every detail so you have the right sized split system air-conditioning unit for your home. And if you need a new electrical circuit to power your system, we can take care of that while we are there which means less juggling of multiple trades and fewer callout fees.

Our team are licensed electrical contractors that also hold ARC restricted air-conditioning licenses and QBCC – “Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services Including Limited Design” certification.

This means that our tradies know what they are doing and will ensure that you get the right air-conditioner for your home! You air-conditioner will be correctly installed to manufacturer’s specifications which means your warranty is fully protected.

Replace Your Old Air-conditioner

Have an old, inefficient rattling air-conditioner that chews through the power while barely cooling the room? We can replace your existing old inefficient unit with a modern variable speed low power unit with full warranty.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keep your investment working in peak condition




Air Conditioning Maintenance

Everything works better when correctly maintained. We offer regular and on-off air conditioning maintenance services.


We check, clean and maintain the following:

  • Filters – Filters are one of the hardest working parts of your air conditioner, and have the greatest impact on energy use. We thoroughly clean your air conditioner filters and advise on replacements if needed.
  • Coils – Evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt and dust, and can become clogged. This reduces airflow and the ability to heat/cool. We clean down your condenser coils from built up grime.
  • Coil fins – Coils are surrounded by thin aluminium fins to catch the air. These can get bent out of shape and can block air flow. We check the fins and reset them to the correct shape.
  • Drains – All air conditioners leak water or condensation when working. The condensation drains can become blocked which reduces the effectiveness of your air conditioner. We clear out and unblock any drains.
  • Leaks – Refrigerant can leak from your system. We test for leaks (gas and repairs are extra).
  • Electrical – Condensation and electricity don’t mix. We inspect all electrical connections, tighten them if needed and apply non-conductive coatings if required. 
  • Thermostat – Just like a car, your thermostat needs to operate at the correct temperatures. We test your thermostat for accuracy.
  • Mountings – We check your mountings and anti-vibration matting to minimise annoying rattles.

Call us for a quote on maintaining your air conditioner!

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