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8 Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bills in Brisbane

Top 8 ways to reduce your electricity bills in Brisbane! Tradesmen On Time explain how you can save money on energy costs following a few simple steps!

With energy costs constantly on the rise, it really is time to give some serious thought to cutting your electricity bill and, at the same time, helping to preserve the natural world.

How to Save on Energy Costs in Brisbane

Tradesmen on Time have a few simple, sensible suggestions to get you started:

1. Regular maintenance by experienced professional electricians to ensure that all your household equipment, both heating and cooling, appliances and gadgetry are properly maintained at maximum efficiency

2. Switching to LED lighting from incandescent bulbs, which should result in savings of up to 75 per cent

3. Lowering the temperature of water heaters at home to reduce the stand-by heat loss

4. Washing clothes in cold water whenever possible

5. Installing a programmable thermostat

6. Ensuring that your home has been properly insulated against summer heat and winter chill

7. Using all of your electrical appliances strategically — that is to say by fully loading the dishwasher and washing machine before switching them on, rather than washing several loads. Try not to switch them on until the off-peak electricity times at the end of the day or very early in the morning

8. Unplugging all of your electronic equipment whenever it is not in use, or plugging everything into a power strip and turning the strip off when the devices are not needed. That may seem a little inconvenient to start with, but you will soon get the hang of it and savings do result.

These are just a few simple suggestions, but you can adapt them, as well as adding more to suit your own specific requirements. And remember, this will make a difference not only to your wallet, but also to the world at large. After all, every economy helps, and you can consult experienced electricians in the team at Tradesmen on Time to see if they can guide you to a more judicious use of power in your home.

Protect the planet and save yourself money at the same time

Ask Tradesmen on Time to assess your needs and to evaluate your home or office use of electricity, and then implement their recommendations.

Make your appliances work smarter, greener and better

Tradesmen on Time are just a telephone call or an e-mail away, and would like to help you to start on a life of lower bills and a greater contribution to the environment.

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