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Pre Purchase Electrical Inspections Brisbane

When it comes to the Sale of your home, and you don’t have a huge budget for renovating, but do want maximum dollar; it may be well worth considering a few improvements that are not going to break the bank.

Electrical issues could make or break your home sale, here are a few things to bear in mind, even on a small budget.

1. Home Handyman Wiring

This is the number one thing to avoid when preparing to sell your home. There is the temptation to watch a few Electrical Handyman YouTube Videos or just try and have a go at wiring, however it is probably worth getting in a qualified electrician to carry out this work as there are dangerous hidden pitfalls which can be fatal, and against the law like drilling or hammering into electrical cabling behind a wall or under a floor. Call us first!

2. Incorrectly Placed Smoke Alarms

  • Smoke alarms should be located in the centre of the ceiling
  • They should not be placed in kitchens, and near the doorways of bathrooms or laundries as there is the risk of false alarms that can be a nuisance
  • Be aware not to install smoke alarms 300mm of a corner of a ceiling or wall; 300mm of a light fitting, 400mm of an air-conditioning vent; or 400mm of the blades of a ceiling fan

3. Old And Tired Switchgear

Replace all old, cracked, and discoloured light switches and power points. By just doing this you will be surprised at what a difference this makes.

4. Lighting and Light fittings

In areas where people spend a lot of time such as the kitchen, bathroom and living rooms, updating lighting and light fittings can give a room a fresh new look. For outdoor areas and garages and workshops, it may be worth replacing old fluro lights for LEDs.

5. Safety Switches

Ensure that safety switches are on appropriate circuits and are working correctly

6. Pre-Purchased Electrical Inspection Brisbane

We offer a pre-purchased Electrical Inspection, this is great as you can work into the budget and will certainly give future buyers peace of mind.

If you are thinking of selling your home, and you require a qualified electrician to carry out electrical work or would like a pre-purchased Electrical Inspection – call us on 1300 853 564

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