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One of our team has been testing out the new HPM powerboards with inbuilt USB charger over the past month. These are awesome pieces of kit and come with either switched or no switched options.

The ones with switches are powerful enough to fast-charge two iPads or an iPad and iPhone at the same time (or tablets and smartphones if you are not an Apple fan like Chris). The ones without switches can fast-charge one tablet or two smartphone at the same time.

Our tester tells us that her iPad and iPhones charge faster on these beauties than through the computer. Chris will give you a long technical explanation on why this is the case if you ask him, but in most cases you just need to know you will be able to get back to playing Candy Crush a lot faster charging your iPad via these powerboards.

The other good thing about the HPM powerboards is that they have inbuilt surge protection which is very handy heading into storm season. You wouldn’t want your iPad or iPhone nuked by a random bolt of lightning!


Next time you book Tradesmen on Time to do some electrical work at your place, ask the team to pop in one the USB powerboards as well.

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