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It was great to see the solid rains in Brisbane last month except for one small problem. Rats. When there are heavy rains, all the thousands of rats that live in storm water drains look for higher ground, which unfortunately for many people, often take the form of the ceilings of their homes.

In many cases, these rats take up residence next to the local possum population who have also found that your roof is a lovely dry, safe place to live and raise their young.

Aside from the disease, smell and mess problem of rats and possums in roofs, the bigger problem is that they tend to gnaw through everything, including electrical cables. This creates sparking, fires, and problems with lights, switches and kitchen appliances.

Possum & Rat Damage to Wiring

Just last week, we were called to a home in Samford where the resident possum had formed a posse with some rats and chewed through a stack of wiring in the ceiling. The possum was still in residence when we were trying to run new cabling through the roof, and took great delight in abusing us every time we moved.

One thing to remember, you can’t just chuck a few baits in your roof and hope for the best. Possums also eat rat bait and the scent and mess of a dead possum slowly disintegrating through your plaster ceiling is not for the faint-hearted green apple cleaning md. Get them professionally removed and save yourself a whole world of grief.

If you have rats or possums in your roof, you need to call a licenced pest controller (remembering that not all pest controllers are licenced to remove possums), as well as calling a licenced electrician to check your wiring for damage and replace any damaged wiring before they get deadly.

Rat or possum wiring damage? Call TMOT.

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