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Need help earthing your inground pool? Call Tradesmen On Time pool electricians in Brisbane! We are experts in pool electrical wiring and lighting: 1300 853 564

Schools out for Summer” Well not yet, but this is the final term and the School will be out for Summer! So now may be a great time to ensure the Pool is summer ready.

It is a great time to throw out all the all old pool inflatables and the kids will have great fun choosing new ones!

There is of course the usual routine such as PH Levels, making sure the filter is working properly and think your pool is safe as you have a fence and signs, but there is one MAJOR item that should be on the checklist and that is ELECTRICITY!

To lessen the risk of electricity around pools, there are unseen safety features built into the construction of every pool called bonding and earthing.

Electrical bonding and earthing are put in place before your pool is poured and helps keep you and your family safe from stray electrical currents from the pool water to prevent electrocution or drowning.

Here we did a very informative Pool Bonding Blog that will have a lot of useful information – How To Test if your inground pool is grounded

And If you are looking at putting in a new pool or want to check if the bonding and earthing of your existing pool are correct, contact your local electrician.
They will be able to conduct the bonding /earthing procedure on a new pool and provide advice on your current pools grounding, and if you need to chip back your pool’s concrete to test it.
As stated before though, pools aren’t the only risk from poor bonding/earthing, your water pipes and metal appliances in your home can turn deadly from a MEN fault. Getting regular switchboard and electrical installation checks for your property could save the lives of you and your family.


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