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HPM – Extra Safe Power points

Looking for safe power points? Tradesmen on Time use and recommend HPM Extra Safe power points. These are the safest domestic power point on the market as they have rotating shutters which keep the outlet closed when not in use. Coverplates available in white, cream, beige, black, grey, matt silver, polished silver, brushed brass, polished brass, stainless steel and stone metal.

HPM – Dimmers

Breakthrough one touch push button dimmer (no rotary knobs to fall off or cause problems). Flicker free and soft start which extends your bulb life. Up to 6 dimmers can be installed on the one plate. Easy upgrade from standard light switches. Available in white, cream, black and matt silver (with either white or black trim).

HPM – Electronic Push-Button Switches

Distinct from mechanical push-buttons and rocker switches, these electronic push-buttons sit almost flush to the plate and have a much softer and more refined touch. Ideal for quality projects, the push-button mechanisms control 240V lighting circuits and fit all HPM Standard, Excel, Linea and Architectural Metal plates.

HPM – Linea Soft-Touch Coverplates

Available in rich, earthy tones and bright accent colours, Linea’s new Soft-Touch range of coverplates have a beautiful suede-feel finish. Fingerprint resistant and easily changeable, the Linea Soft-Touch range of coverplates will liven any space and can be changed seasonally to reflect colour trends. The muted earthy tones complement neutral interiors perfectly, while the bombastic rainbow hues will add personality to children’s rooms, cheerful kitchens and design focussed spaces.

If you would like new power points, switches or dimmers, please call TMOT on 0415 623 770

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