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Beware of well meaning friends and “handymen” performing unlicensed electrical work on your home in the wake of the recent floods.

You may think you are saving money, but you are exposing yourself and your loved ones to very real safety  and legal risks.  If you are performing electrical work to save money because you did not have flood insurance, you will be voiding you home and contents insurance and some types of personal insurance if there is an incident or accident as a result of the unlicensed work.  If there is personal injury or death resulting from the unlicensed work the penalties are very severe, up to and including imprisonment.

Only a licensed electrical contractor can legally perform electrical installation work in Queensland, this includes disconnection work to allow demolition and strip-outs of flood damaged premises.  Power points and light switches left connected in bare walls with terminals exposed are an extreme hazard.  More people died from the 1974 floods from incidents such as electrocution in the aftermath, than in the actual natural disaster.  Don’t risk it, use only a licensed and reputable electrical contractor.

If you wish to save money or look at your options to repair the installation in stages, talk to your licensed electrical contractor.  They can suggest ways for you to safely manage the stages of the electrical repairs in a way that can fit with your budget and suit your cash-flow.

If you don’t have someone you already use and trust ask for a referral from a friend, or contact Master Electricians through their website and request an electrician to contact you.  With Master Electricians motto of “quality, safety, reliability” you are assured of a contractor who has lifted their standards and professionalism a shelf above the industry average.

For more information, give us a call or email us for some FREE advice.  We love to help and are passionate about electrical safety.

If you or someone you know requires an Electrical Contractor in Brisbane, please don’t hesitate to call Chris on 0415 623 770.

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