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Do You Own a Rental Property?

Smoke Alarm Compliance Offer
$159 per alarm

+ Our Gift to You

Smoke Alarm Controller

Valued at $120


With Every Home Upgrade Package

Queensland smoke alarm laws have changed and they affect every Queensland landlord. Upgrading the smoke alarms in your rental property is not an option – it’s the law.
One of your most important decisions is what brand of smoke alarms are installed in your property. Most installers only provide alarms with a 3 or 5 years warranty. Smoke alarms have to last 10 years, so if alarms fail outside the warranty period – you are going to have to pay for their replacement.
Tradesmen On Time uses Red Smoke Alarms exclusively. All Red smoke alarms come with a full 10 year warranty – guaranteeing the smoke alarms for their entire life. Unlike other brands, you will never have to pay for replacing a faulty smoke alarm in the next 10 years.
With 400,000 rental properties still to be upgraded to meet the new smoke alarm laws, if you leave it until next year you run the risk of missing out. It has to be done – it’s the law. And if your property is not upgraded by the deadline, you can’t rent it out nor collect rental income.
As our Gift to you, we will install a Smoke Alarm Controller in your property for free when we upgrade your property. That’s a gift valued at $120.00 – free for you.

Red smoke alarms are Australia’s best smoke alarms

Quality and reliability is at the heart of every Red smoke alarm.

Smoke Alarm Controller – the best invention to silence smoke alarms in the middle of the night.

Most comprehensive warranty on the market.

Prices will never be lower than they are now, with costs set to soar when demand far exceeds supply.
To receive your Smoke Alarm Controller for free, please ask your property manager to upgrade your property now. Prices will be rising soon, so take advantage of this lowest-ever pricing now.


Hurry prices will never be lower than they are now!!!


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Don't Forget about our FREE 10 Point Safety Check

FREE “Peace of Mind”

10 Point Safety Check

The team here at Tradesmen On Time, know how important it is to regularly check how electrically safe your property is.

That’s why, for a limited period only, we are offering all of our NEW customers a FREE OF CHARGE 10 Point Safety Check.

Trust us when we say, we have seen every type of electrical safety problem possible over the years!

Thankfully though, most of these problems can be avoided as long as you take the necessary precautions and book in for one of our 10 Point Safety Checks.

Avoid any electrical safety issues at your property today!

What do we check?

  • Safety switches
  • Earth stakes
  • Circuit breakers
  • Surge protectors
  • Porcelain fuses
  • Meter enclosures
  • Switchgear
  • Smoke alarms
  • Halogen downlights
  • Sensor lighting


Usually costs $150

Call our office today and book in for your FREE Safety Check!


Call our office today and book in for your FREE Safety Check!


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