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North Brisbane Electricians: 5 Things You Need to Know

Do electricians give free quotes?

You should never be afraid to ask experts for advice on the electrical systems around your house, and Tradesmen On Time provide free quotations on their contact us page. If you are unsure about the complexity of the job or need jobs done for under A$1,000, then feel free to send photos or arrange a videocall so Tradesmen On Time can give you a quote more quickly. When it comes to larger electrical jobs, Tradesmen On Time’s master electricians assess the site and walk you through what needs to be done step by step, then give you a firm and fair quote. Tradesmen On Time provide a wide range of services and will always be there right on time to address your questions.

Do electricians need a licence?

Many online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Service Seeking allow anyone to advertise their services, making it tempting to hire the cheapest, but please remember how important it is to only let licensed electricians under the supervision of an electrical contractor handle anything to do with electricity in your home. An electrician with a valid licence has gone through four years of apprenticeship and an electrical contractor has the insurance and licencing to be able to perform the work legally with peace of mind for you.

Does an electrician install air conditioning?

Electricians who are licensed with ARCTIC specialise in the installation of split system air conditioners, and they know everything there is to be known about split system aircon installation. Attempting to install an air conditioning unit yourself can result in leaky ducts, broken parts, and improper wiring and airflow which will all create problems in the future. Get Tradesmen On Time to install the unit for you – it will be the smartest and cheapest decision you’ll ever make to keep your cool.

Can electricians install smoke alarms?

Absolutely! As long as they are licensed to work in and around Brisbane, where home safety legislation has changed for the better, so make sure all your smoke alarms are upgraded by 2022 to be able to rent out or to sell your home. Tradesmen On Time know exactly what to do and all the relevant regulations, so do not hesitate to contact them. They will help you keep your home safe.

Do I need to replace my old switchboard?

The best thing you can do if you are concerned about your switchboard is to call in the top electrical services located near you as soon as possible. Issues arise when the switchboard in your home has an old fuse box, Australian standards require houses to have all power point circuits protected by a safety switch, and newer houses must have every final sub circuit protected by a safety switch which must be tested regularly. To ensure your safety – contact Tradesmen On Time and ask them come in to check your switchboard any time and on time, you can even send us photos or have a videocall of your board for a quick same-day appraisal.

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