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Who are you going to call when the lights in your house are flickering? Well, before you call the “Ghostbusters” and even though this experience is a bit eerie, you will be relieved to find the reason for this, not that sinister at all!

There are a few reasons for this:


Generally if there is a dimmer on the circuit, the flickering may be due to the wrong dimmer for the type of fitting. Quite often people that have older lamps and put in new fittings, may have an incompatible dimmer that can actually damage the new light fitting or new light bulbs. Make sure that if you have a dimmer and you are changing lights or bulbs over, the dimmer is compatible. This can be quite hard to ascertain, chances are if it is an older dimmer it won’t be compatible with a new LED driver.

LED lights also come in dimmable and non-dimmable, so make sure if you are buying a bulb and want to be able to dim it, make sure it is the dimmable variety.


Compact fluoro lamps are very difficult to dim and generally it’s something that you should take advice from a licenced, reputable Electrical contractor.


The other reason for this could be a dodgy switch mechanism, or if it happening throughout the whole house and it’s not just happening in one location and it’s not a dimmer, the problem could be back at the switchboard either with the circuit breaker or a neutral fault. In this case we do recommend you call an electrician, as this could potentially very dangerous and result in a fire.


When you turn on an appliance with a high wattage your lights start to flicker, or if your light bulbs dim and burn out frequently, this could be voltage issue and highly recommend you call an electrician when this occurs.


If you live next door to a super user of electricity like “Doc” Emmet from Back to the Future, their heavy electrical usage could be impacting your electricity supply and causing your lights to flicker as you share a transformer. If this becomes an ongoing problem it might be worth calling an electrician to check out.

If you find that you and your neighbour having flickering lights it could be a problem with your provider and would need to be reported.

Feel free to call us on 1300 853 564 for tips on the correct fittings and bulbs or are having issues throughout your home howells ac, and require a qualified electrician our team would be very happy to assist!


Electrical Repairs Brisbane – Light Switch Repairs

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