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At home, when your light doesn’t work it’s an easy job to change the bulb or replace the fitting. But what happens when you are business, with your main outdoor sign a few metres in the air and it goes on the fritz? Simple, you call TMOT.

Here’s a job we recently finished for a Vet in Samford. As you can see by the photos it needed a cherry picker and appropriate safety gear to make sure the job was done safely and effectively. Did you also notice the wonderful drizzly rain? If we say we will be somewhere at a certain time, we will be there and unless it is unsafe to work in the rain, we will sort out your electrical problem for you.

If you have an illuminated sign that needs repair and would like to book one of our fully qualified, insured and trained electricians in the Brisbane area, please call TMOT on 0415 623 770

TMOT repairing electrical business sign

Dalton preparing to repair an electric business sign at Samford


Electric sign repair Brisbane

Dalton working his magic on the sign from the safety of a cherry picker













Repairing an illuminated business sign in Brisbane

Sign repair well underway



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