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Have you noticed how many more energy retailers there are in the market place these days? There’s a reason for it…

In December 2017, new national metering rules took effect that have created greater market competition and increased innovation in product design and service delivery creating better options for everyone. It’s a good thing.

There’s a catch though. If you have an old style asbestos or timber particle backing board in your switchboard box and/or porcelain fuses it’s no longer suitable and will cause you future issues when you’ll need to upgrade to new digital smart meters.

WHY? Simply put – the old style switchboards are not compliant with the current standards required by any potential new energy provider. When you or your residents move to switch accounts to cheaper or better providers, or simply get caught out in the ongoing roll out of “smart” meters the new supplier will come to your property to connect their meters to the switchboard. Under new metering rules, digital meters will need to be installed to comply with the new national metering code, they cannot run their power through the old style meters anymore.

SO – If you do not have the right type of switchboard to accept these meters it will affect you and end up costing you dearly, both in money and electrical supply downtime. So we think its better to plan for this and warn the consumers of the electricity in your premises that there will be an outage, when and for how long.

Don’t wait for days whilst power is re installed

If you wait to install your new switchboard it is possible that your property will not have any power for several days whilst new switchboards are installed.

To avoid this – it is best to be proactive and plan the amount of power downtime.

What do you need to do?

Upgrade your Switch Board Box ASAP

If your switchboard has porcelain fuses installed, no metering isolation links, or old timber/asbestos metering enclosures you will be asked to undertake remedial works at your own cost to ensure the site is safe, accessible and suitable for a new digital meter installation.

Info from the horse’s mouth

This is an excerpt from the AEMC website all about the changes

“The AEMC recommended that all future new meters installed should be smart meters, which are able to measure both how much electricity is used and when it is used – in near real time. Smart meters will provide consumers with greater opportunities to access new products and services to help them manage their electricity bills.” Read the full report here https://www.aemc.gov.au/energy-system/electricity/electricity-system/metering

The team at Tradesmen on Time have been working constantly since these changes have taken place to ensure that their customers do not experience problems due to the new rules, which are now in place. They can in most cases remove your old board and install your new switchboard in one single day, which keeps your power outage time to the bare minimum.

Why not contact them today to ask how they can make your switchboard upgrade as seamless as possible and take advantage of the better options available to you.

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