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dangerous hairdryersRecently we were called to check out a deadly hairdryer. The lady who owned it had received an electrical shock from it that sent her to hospital. Unfortunately she didn’t have a safety switch installed which meant she could have lost her life if not for the quick thinking of her family getting her the medical attention she needed.

On checking the hairdryer, we were greeted with a very common sight in many homes. The cords were wrapped tightly around the handle of the dryer. When we looked at her hair straightener, the same thing had been done.

Wrapping cords around the handles of hairdryers and straighteners is the worst thing you can possibly do and causes a raft of hair dryer faults. Repeated wrapping and unwrapping can snap the wires within the cord, turning your hair straightening experience into something a lot more sinister. And when you add that many people wrap the cords when the appliance is still hot, you are asking for trouble.

Never wrap the cords around the appliance or the handle. Either buy one of those hairdryer hooks or racks (you can get suction ones as well as more permanent ones from major Hardware or storage solution shops), or simply place it loose into a small storage basket in your bathroom. Then the only shocks you will receive are when you wake up with a great hair day.

If you are not sure if your hairdryer or straightener is safe, give Tradesmen on Time a call to test them for you 0415 623 770


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