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electrical shock warning signFindings last week from the Queensland Coroner into the deaths of three roof insulation fitters has highlighted the urgent need for all homes to have safety switches installed on all electrical circuits.

While most homes have safety switches installed on their power circuit, they are generally not installed on the lighting circuit, stove, pools, and hot water system or air-conditioning circuits.

What this means is that all it takes for someone you love to be electrocuted is:

  • Storm water through a light fitting or wiring which is then touched (i.e. emptying water or changing a bulb),
  • Rats or other vermin chewing through wiring and exposing the wires that are then accidentally touched,
  • Hammering a nail into a wall to hang a picture and accidently hitting an electrical cable,
  • A light fitting not being correctly fitted or developing a fault, or
  • Climbing into a roof with foil insulation that has become live due to an electrical fault.

“Most people don’t realize safety switches are different to circuit breakers,” according to Chris. “Circuit breakers only protect your equipment, while safety switches protect both your equipment and people. If you are not sure which you have installed, take a look in your switch box. Safety switches have a “test” button on their front face. If there is no test button, then we would recommend you have safety switches installed.”

The Master Electricians Australia has found that there are 15 people killed and over 300 people hospitalised annually from electrical shocks at home.

Don’t become a statistic. Call Tradesmen on Time to fit safety switches to every circuit. These circuits save lives, switching off the current before in as little as 30 milliseconds which reduces the risk of death or serious injury.

July Special

Book in your circuit breaker to safety switch upgrade during July for only $100 + GST per circuit (with a minimum charge of 2 circuits), and we will include a free electrical home safety check and free testing and tagging of up to 5 appliances or power boards to ensure their safety.

To book – call 0415 623 770


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