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Lighting Installations Brisbane Electricians – Fixing Flickering Lights

Life in Queensland is pretty fabulous all year round, pandemic or not, but there are things that can really bug you – like how annoying flickering lights are and that they need to be dealt with?

Incompatible dimmers

Seriously, are your light dimmers safe for use with LED bulbs or are you using old, traditional ones that were there before you upgraded your lights? Some manufacturers even specify which dimmers to use. Non-dimmable LED bulbs on dimmers not only flicker, but they may even hum – anyway, even if they do dim it is uneven and their lifespan is short.

LED bulbs

Since LED lights are up to 75 per cent more energy efficient than the old halogen bulbs and use much less energy, further reducing the flow of voltage or current can make them turn off and on – and flicker.

Problems with off peak ripple control signals?

In parts of Queensland, and New South Wales too, to manage peak electricity demand some electricity suppliers inject an off peak ripple control signal onto their distribution networks at specific times in order to remotely control devices like off peak hot water heaters, space heaters, car park lighting, public lighting, etc.

Electrical appliances

Ripple control adds a high frequency signal to the standard power supply, usually at 492Hz, 750Hz or 1050Hz, and fans, toasters and non-dimmed or dimmed lights may well be affected.

So what to do?

The supply authority should certainly be able to tell you exactly which products can filter out these signals from the power supply, and then you just need to match the frequency, although you may need to install a capacitor or another load control/corrective device like the Clipsal CAP31 across the switch.


Or the flickering may even be due to network voltage fluctuations if the grid-connected solar power generation is causing network voltages to increase and then change rapidly as cloud cover passes over and the substations automatic tap changing transformers try to keep up with a constantly changing demand.

We Install, Upgrade & Fix Flickering Lights in Brisbane

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If the problem cannot be identified and solved you may have to change to another brand with different built in filters. But before you do anything else, call Tradesmen On Time and see if our licensed electricians can help.

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