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Electrical Safety is paramount in independent living and retirement homes. There are many things that need to be considered in order to ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of all residents. When thinking about the buildings and grounds of such facilities, we have put together a list of items we feel are crucial to maintain a high level of safety.

  • Pathway lighting – all areas that residents have access to should be well lit and provide a clear direction.
  • Emergency lighting – is the facility installed with emergency lighting and is there a plan or procedure to activate this when required?
  • Personal Emergency Response Alarms (PERS) – Depending on the level of care, alarms should be available in all residents’ rooms. These should be in full working order and regularly tested.
  • Consider additional lighting, such as lighting mounted under exterior stair rails, motion activated lighting within the home this can provide additional light for safety of residents.

With advancements in technology there are now also many ways we can ensure the safety of residents in independent living and retirement homes, whilst helping to maintenance a level of independence and dignity for them. Allowing residents the means to control their own lighting can be a great way of ensuring their comfort, particularly in their own rooms or living space. For example, an elderly person with limited mobility, may not be able to stand and walk to turn off a light, however giving them the means to lower the lighting from their chair, bed or wheelchair, without having to move and risk a fall, is a very positive way to encourage independence.

Many other every day actions can now be used with wireless control and home automation. The safety element of wireless controls is a hugely positive step in the advancement of aged-care. For example, installing a wireless lighting sensor, can ensure that an elderly person never has to walk into a dark room, and the lighting automatically turns off when the room is empty to save electricity and reduce costs.

Options range from standalone devices to whole-home systems that can be retro-fitted to existing installations and automate control throughout a single apartment or an entire facility. Systems can be pre-programmed for specific “scenes” or patterns of use and controlled from wireless devices such as IPads. With products once considered luxury items now readily affordable for independent living facilities and retirement homes.

At Tradesmen on Time we can conduct a full site audit of your premises and discuss an on-going scheduled maintenance plan for your facility. We can ensure regular maintenance is carried out and that costly repair bills and even accidents are avoided.


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