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Electricity Cost Brisbane: How to Cut It Down!

How to reduce your electricity bill in Brisbane! Simple things that can save you money and cut down your electricity cost in Brisbane.

Have you ever tried to analyse your electricity bills and find out what costs the most to run?

Your most expensive appliance is almost certainly your central or ducted air conditioner. And then comes your electric water heater, followed by your refrigerator and freezer and then your clothes dryer. All essentials, but there are still things you can do to reduce your electricity bills.

When you are cooling or heating your home or office, do you make sure that all the windows and doors are shut? Using an old-fashioned draft stopper is amazingly helpful too, or just about anything that stops a draught, because the harder an air conditioner or heater has to work, the more power it uses.

Insulation is the cost-effective way to improve your energy efficiency, helping to maintain a comfortable natural temperature. Insulation can cut your bills by between 40 and 50 per cent. Vents, windows and doors can all be weatherised to reduce draughts, with caulk on stationary objects like window frames and walls, and weather stripping on moving objects like doors and windows. Keep your curtains closed at night too, and consider double glazing.

Do you have energy efficient lighting? Have you switched from incandescent or halogen light bulbs to LED? Energy efficient light bulbs use less electricity and last longer. LED light bulbs use at least 75 percent less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs and last about 25 times longer. Power strips, low-flow shower heads and motion sensing dimmer switches all reduce your energy usage — and electricity bill — without changing your lifestyle.

How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill in Brisbane

But the best way to eliminate most of your electricity bill is to install solar panels and produce your own electricity, rather than buying it. You can make the most of your solar by using the “time of use” principle of using the most amount of power during daylight hours. Some simple things that can save you money are –

  • Put your dishwasher and washing machine on when you leave the house in the morning or use time delay function to stagger the different loads throughout the day.
  • Set your pool pump timer to run during the daylight hours
  • Put a timer on your hot water system so that the element only heats during the day, (you can also have a bypass switch installed for those rainy days and weeks)
  • Set your Air Con timer to come on in the afternoon (after your washing machine and dishwasher have finished) to cool down the house before you get home, once the heat has been stripped from the room the running costs are much lower to maintain a comfortable temperature.

And the little things! — they add up too:

  • Hang clothes on the line to dry when possible instead of using your dryer and NEVER use your dryer when not at home.
  • Wear an extra sweater when it’s cool.
  • Only heat or cool the rooms you are using. (individual split system air cons are best for this)
  • Turn the lights out when you don’t need them. (you can also install room sensors to do this for you automatically)
  • Wash dishes by hand if there are only one or two of you.
  • Check your thermostat settings on everything, from the fridge and air conditioning to the hot water.
  • Switch appliances off at the wall when not using them or going away.
  • Get energy monitoring.

And whenever Tradesmen on Time can do anything for you — anything at all, from electrical maintenance or repair and replacing unsafe switches to a switchboard upgrade or NBN installation — please contact us straight away.

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