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How to Buy the Best Smoke Alarm in Brisbane – Smoke Detector Buying Guide

Did you know that the Queensland smoke alarm laws have changed and that that will affect each and every Queensland landlord?

You don’t want to have a rental property you are counting on to pay for itself on your hands with no rent coming in

400,000 properties have still not been upgraded, and no property that has not been upgraded by the 2022 deadline may be rented out. Don’t wait until the last minute to have your mandatory smoke alarms installed.

Which smoke alarm brand should you choose?

Most smoke alarm installers only provide alarms with a three to five year warranty. But a smoke alarm has to last for ten years, and that means that if your smoke alarm fails after the guarantee has expired it is up to you to replace it.

Smoke alarm installation, testing, upgrades and maintenance services in Brisbane!

Just call Tradesmen On Time and you will never have to pay for a replacement for a faulty smoke alarm

Tradesmen On Time install Red Smoke Alarms. And all Red Smoke Alarms have a ten year warranty that guarantees them for their whole lifetime. Red Smoke Alarms are the best value smoke alarms available in Australia.

Prices will never be lower – in fact they are likely to go up as the deadline approaches

Tradesmen On Time will also install a $120 Red Smoke Alarm Controller free of charge when your property is upgraded. A smoke alarm controller can tell where a false alarm is coming from, so that all you need to do to silence it is to press one button on the wall. That way a false alarm can be dealt with immediately and very easily.

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Ensure that your rental property meets the new 2022 smoke alarm legislation – now

It is high time that you or your property manager contacted Tradesmen On Time with the authority to upgrade your smoke alarms now. Tradesmen On Time are the best electrical contractors around – we are licensed local master electricians, and we’re award-winning residential and commercial electricians who guarantee to turn up and do a brilliant job every single time.

Tradesmen On Time come to you – On Time. Contact us today, because we do it right – we do it on time – and we add value. And you need a reliable, trustworthy electrician to count on

Tradesmen On Time are based in North Brisbane but we service the whole Brisbane Metro area as well as Caboolture, Bribie, Ipswich, Logan.


Local Emergency Electrician in South & North Brisbane

We have been around for a long time and have won state and national awards. We’re your friendly, professional electricians in Brisbane.

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