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We have all watched those do-it-yourself programs that make home renovations seem so simple. Whilst painting, tiling, gardening and basic carpentry are all within the skill-set that most of us possess or learn – electrical work most definitely is not a job for the home handyman.

Electrical installation and repair work can only legally be undertaken by a licensed electrical contractor. To do-it-yourself or have a semi-qualified person do it for you, is exposing yourself to a raft of legal and safety issues.

At the most extreme end of the spectrum, in the event of an injury or death resulting from illegally installed wiring you could be criminally liable and face sanctions up to and including jail. If there is damage to property i.e. a fire, your home insurance would in all likelihood be null and void.

I have lost count of the times I have walked into a home to have the man of the house sheepishly tell me he was “having a go at it“, and now nothing is working or the fuse keeps blowing. This is almost always accompanied by a wife smouldering in the background with an “I told you so look” on their face and a teenager or two looking on with desperate, wild expressions, waiting for the power to be restored so they can plug back into Facebook or Playstation.

So apart from the risk to life, property, and bank balance – doing your own electrical work can be injurious to your family life. So don’t risk DIY electrical wiring – Use a licensed electrical contractor.

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