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safety switch testingSellers’ responsibilities

Sellers must declare whether the home has a safety switch. This must be declared on the:

  • sales contract (e.g. REIQ contract for houses and land)
  • Queensland Land Registry Property Information (Transfer) – Form 24.

Real estate agents and solicitors should be aware of these requirements.

If the home has been sold or transferred after 1 September 2002, a licensed electrical contractor can only do installation work if a safety switch is installed as part of the work, or if it is an emergency.

Some sellers might prefer to have a safety switch installed before they place a home on the market. It will satisfy financiers who require confirmation that a safety switch is installed, and potential buyers will know they are protected from most types of electrical shock.

 Domestic rental properties

Leased domestic residences are required by law to have safety switches installed for all power points.

If the property you are renting does not have a safety switch installed, contact your landlord and advise them of their legal requirement to have safety switch protection installed by a licensed electrical contractor.

 The latest flyer from QLD state Government can be downloaded here: http://www.justice.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/9081/es-safety-switches-save-lives.pdf

 If you require your home, invesment property or rental to have a safety switch inspection, please call Tradesmen On Time on 0415 623 770


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