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leds vs halogen downlights - electricians brisbane

LED Light Replacements for Halogen Lighting Brisbane

Inappropriately installed halogen downlights are one of the main causes of house fires in Australia

It really makes sense to replace your halogen downlights with LEDs. You know, halogen downlights run at roughly 300 degrees celcius, and if they are not adequately ventilated, and protected from contact with combustible materials they can easily start a fire. All halogen downlights should be fitted with a heat guard, and should be clear of insulation. Although a halogen lamp uses a tungsten filament, you get a lot of heat, because the quartz envelope is so close to the filament.

Converting from Halogen to LED lights in Brisbane

The new range of energy saving LED downlights are designed to fit into the cavity of the old halogens and use 25 per cent of the power, have no safety issues with regards to radiant heat, last over four times as long, and there is no associated control gear to maintain or replace.

All in all halogen downlights are expensive to run, dangerous if not installed correctly, and have high maintenance costs. Remember, safety – cost – reliability.

You can count on Tradesmen On Time.

Why replace your halogen downlights with LED?

Converting from Halogen to LED lights Brisbane - Lights Replacement

Cut lighting costs by up to 75%

LED replacement bulbs for halogen lights

Reduced fire risk

How to Upgrade From Halogen to LED

LED bulbs are longer lasting meaning longer time between replacements

LED vs halogen downlights

Less heat in your home from radiant heating, meaning your air-conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard


Do you know that halogen downlights actually chew through your power, and are a major fire risk in your home and office, particularly if your roof is insulated?

In Brisbane, one of the most typical – and essential – electrical jobs is to replace halogen downlights with LED lights. Tradesmen On Time will guarantee to supply and fit energy saving, efficient LEDs that will need only 25 per cent of the power, and can fit into your existing lighting cavities. Or Tradesmen On Time will also install any LED lights that that you wish to supply.

LED Light Replacements for Halogen Lighting Brisbane

Not all LED lights are equal

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? As you probably know, LED lights are rather sophisticated electronic systems, and their reliability and performance depend on the quality of their design and components. You can count on the LED lights Tradesmen On Time install – they are from a reputable wholesaler and designed for a long life and fine performance. What do you think of the brightness of a 50-watt halogen bulb that lasts for 25,000 hours? You can get rid of your old transformer too.

The three different kinds of Led lights are: DIP (Dual In-Line Package), SMD (Surface Mounted Diode), which add extra brightness, and COB (Chip on Board), which gives a denser, more consistent, controlled light beam, and you can now get a range of styles too, including candles, GLS, golf balls, reflectors, spotlights and tubes.

As far as colour is concerned, you can get warm white, stark white (daylight), and stark white (cool white) with a hint of blue.

LED lighting tubes are designed to replace fluorescent tubes, and are available in most sizes.

Do you still have any questions?

Here is the answers to the most frequently questions about LEDs we had:

Should I replace all of my halogen bulbs now?
Actually, yes. Halogen bulbs use so much electricity for the amount of light that they produce that it is really a false economy to wait until they blow to replace them. Throw away the old bulbs or recycle them.
Do LEDs work successfully in lights with dimmer switches even though many energy saving bulbs do not?
Yes – dimmable LED lights are very reliable now, although you may have to get your dimmer switch changed.
Why do my bulbs keep blowing?
There may be something else wrong – a loose connection in a lamp holder or overheating in a small space. Do consult your electrician though – don’t try to do everything yourself.
How are light temperatures measured?
In Kelvin, which is marked on the packet of every light bulb. Colour temperatures range from warm white (3000K) to cool white (6000K).

Upgrade Your Downlights To LED Lights in North & South Brisbane

Whether you need one or 101 halogen lights replaced with cool, reliable and safe LED lights, call Tradesmen on Time. Tradesmen On Time are a team of friendly, experienced and qualified North Brisbane electricians who guarantee to turn up. We don’t cut corners on your safety and do the job right the first time.

Whether you need 1 or 100 halogen lights replaced with cool, reliable and safe LED lights, call Brisbane’s Tradesmen On Time! We will turn up!

Upgrade Your Downlights To LED Lights North and South Brisbane



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Halogen Downlights Replacement With LEDs in South & North Brisbane

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