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The Tradesmen On Time Team have been working hard to rebuild the flood affected homes around Brisbane for the past few months, and there is still a long way to go.

Below are a few images from some of the flood damage.

Shows extent of damage water and now time have done.

Floors have had to be removed to get damage under control in this house.


Very dangerous situations still out there – this switchboard was left live and water damaged, as soon as Energex were informed they were very quick to respond to this dangerous situation, well done to the Energex people who are still working hard behind the scenes and at the coal face! TMOT personnel are the eyes on the scene for many situations like this, keeping our customers safe and helping the electricity authorities where we can.

The heartbreak of a destroyed house will soon be replaced by a complete renovation.

This customer was lucky and had full insurance cover, and now is looking at a complete makeover.

Houses are now being attacked also by rodents who are getting out of the damp and cold.

This house had water damage, followed by rat damage.

A complete check by TMOT electricians helped alert the builder to these potentially lethal faults.

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