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Can I do my own electrical repairs?
It is illegal to do your own electrical installations and repairs unless you are fully qualified and licensed. Always get a qualified electrician to do your repairs.
Do you do quotes before you start work?
Yes. We will always talk you through all work and discuss options with you before we do anything.
Have you ever installed Infinity or Olsent Cable in my house?
No! We have never used or installated Infinity or Olsent Cable in any property we have worked on. Check out our Infinity Cable blog post if you would like to know more
My safety switch keeps tripping. What should I do?
Unplug all appliances (especially fridges, dishwashers, air cons, washing machines, dryers) and try to reset the breaker. If it resets, plug appliances back in one at a time until the culprit is found. If the breaker still won’t reset –  call us!
I hear that the regulations regarding smoke detectors in residential homes and rental properties has changed. How does this affect me? And how much will it cost me to have a smoke detector installed?
  • If your home was built before 1 July 1997, and you don’t already have smoke alarms installed, you will need to buy and install at least one 9 volt battery operated smoke alarm.
  • If your home was built after 1997, it should have had at least one 240 volt (hard-wired) smoke alarm installed at the time it was built. This is a requirement under the Building Code of Australia (BCA).
  • If you have done major renovations to your home since 1997, it should have included the installation of 240 volt (hard-wired) smoke alarms.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service has a number of fact sheets available to answer basic questions about the new legislation and explain how it will affect you. Depending on the type of dwelling, number of detectors,  and access for wiring, the cost is about $100-$150 per alarm.

I have very old wiring in my home, does it need replacing?
The only real way to tell is with an inspection from an experienced electrical contractor. If you have rubber insulated cable, then we would definitely recommend an urgent inspection, as in most instances it will need to be replaced.
I am starting my renovation / extension soon. What do I need to do to get an electrician when I need one?
The “three “P’s”. Plan Plan Plan! Talk to your builder, find out when walls will be getting pulled out, or areas worked on.

  • Plan to ask the builder about the need for power to be switched of or pulled out of those areas, and then book in a sparky well ahead of time to make sure that you are all set to go with minimal delays.
  • Plan what you need done – Talk to the spark. If needed, order special fittings well ahead of time to make sure they are there for you
  • Plan for that renovation BBQ to show off the new kitchen / deck / pool room to your friends, because after we have finished, you’ll be happy to celebrate a well planned renovation.
I am getting some air conditioners installed. Do I need to do anything to my switchboard to accommodate the extra load?
Depending on the size of your mains cable supplying your home and the sizes of the air conditioners, it is quite possible. We would recommend an inspection to calculate this for you.on.
I am renovating and I would like to change light fittings and wiring etc, but I have an older house, and I think the access in my ceiling is very limited. Can you help me?
We sure can! For a major renovation or wiring change we would recommend a site visit to discuss what is possible to get the outcome that you want.
I am buying a new home and the wiring looks OK but I have suspicions that there may of been some “handyman” wiring done. What should I do?
We would strongly recommend that you get an electrical safety inspection if you have any doubts about the wiring.  It could cost you more money later to get it rectified or it could be a danger to you and your family.
I have recently had insulation installed in my home, and I am bit concerned about my electrical cabling and lights in the ceiling. I have heard there are fire and electrocution risks from incorrectly installed insulation. Can you put my mind at ease?
Certainly!  Incorrectly installed insulation is a very real hazard.  We can come and conduct an inspection and ensure that the proper clearances have been left around fittings, and heat guards installed around halogen down lights.  We would recommend that you not attempt to ascertain this yourself, especially if you have foil insulation installed over the top of the ceiling battens.  Entering your roof space with this type of insulation installed could be very dangerous.
What payment methods do you accept?
Our preferred method of payment is via EFT bank transfer via your internet banking. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash and Cheques.

Also, ask us about our Interest Free Payment Plan option, which is ideal for those bigger jobs. We have partnered with a Third Party Credit provider, allows you the flexibility to get the job done now, and pay it off over a 6-12 months period (Conditions apply – please ask us for full details of this when accepting our quote)

I have had work done by an electrician but I just seem to be chasing him all the time and he doesn’t turn up when he says he will, even when I take a day off work to be there! What can I do?
Call us! We guarantee to turn up!

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