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Electrician Brisbane Northside: Smoke Alarm Installation Guide

New legislation requires all homes to comply with the new standard by January 2022

Fire is one of the most destructive, life-threatening and heartbreaking horrors that can ever occur, and smoke alarms do a lot to save lives. This new mandatory standard means that you should never have to worry again when you go to sleep, because the interconnected photoelectric alarm system will buy you time to get out of the house and call the fire department. It is important to understand that a simple installation is not sufficient. You need to contact a reliable local specialist electrical contractor who will help you install the fire alarms strategically and comply with all the regulations to prevent your worst nightmare from ever happening.

The new regulation not only requires homes to have an interconnected photoelectric alarm system but also to place the alarms strategically

These alarms have been proven very helpful and must be installed in every bedroom in your house, the connecting hallways and on every floor. Upgrading your alarm system means that you are using new technology that should act more quickly to save your life if a fire does break out. Tradesmen On Time will install these alarms for you according to Brisbane regulations, and will replace worn out batteries when necessary. Get a quote today by contacting Tradesmen On Time by phone, email or filling in their online contact form.

Contact Tradesmen On Time to make sure that your smoke alarm system is fully up to date

Tradesmen On Time want the very best for you and your home. All their licensed electricians are extremely knowledgeable, and they use real smoke to identify any potential safety breaches. It is always best to be safe than sorry, so Tradesmen On Time highly recommend the necessary preventive measures to be taken as early as possible.

It is safe to say that the master electricians from Tradesmen On Time are lifesavers in their field. They are affordable too – and you can’t put a price on your life or the lives of the people you love

Tradesmen On Time can guarantee you the best and most reasonably priced electrical services – and you can rely on them in any emergency. Based in North Brisbane but servicing the whole Brisbane Metro area as well as Caboolture, Bribie, Ipswich and Logan, Tradesmen On Time come to you – on time!

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