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Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Brisbane

Don’t put your life at risk – contact Tradesmen On Time to inspect your switchboards

Many older homes have a lot of character making them very desirable to buyers, but although the beautiful features are wonderful, if these homes have not been well maintained they tend to come with their own problems. It is essential for a homebuyer to have all the pre-purchase inspections done when buying a newer home but even more important for those lovely older ones, as outdated electrical systems such as the switchboard may cause very dangerous problems that can even put your life at risk. Having the switchboard updated as soon as possible avoids any hazards.

Older houses need upgrades to comply with modern legislation, and old switchboards really need to be replaced and not repaired

In and around Brisbane, Tradesmen On Time will keep your family and home safe from any danger by doing an electrical switchboard inspection and upgrading the installation. Their experienced and licensed master electricians will do everything possible to prevent your home from catching fire because of outdated electrical systems. Houses built before the 1990s usually have switchboards that do not comply with standard modern legislation and it is vital to have them replaced not repaired.

Paying attention to what could possibly be signs of a failing switchboard

The most common sign that your switchboard needs replacing is if your house was built prior to the 1990s and still has the original antiquated switchboards that use porcelain fuses. This type of fuse cannot keep up with today’s electrical demands now that everyone has air conditioning and a swimming pool and the house may have been expanded, increasing the risk of a short circuit – a potentially life-threatening hazard. Other outdated switchboxes may have a particle board backing or even contain dangerous asbestos or highly flammable materials. They should be replaced immediately.

Failing switchboards can be hard to spot, but the four major signs to look for are:

Flickering lights, little electrical zaps, a tripping circuit breaker and your fuse blowing. Be safe and have Tradesmen On Time send over a wiring electrician to check them.

Take care at all times – call Tradesmen On Time and ask their professional experts to have a look

Tradesmen On Time have over 30 years of experience as electrical contractors and they will not push you to get unnecessary work done, so when they recommend an electrical service it is guaranteed to be in your best interests.

Switchboard Upgrades, Repairs & Replacements in Brisbane


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