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Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Brisbane

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Keep your family and home safe! Call Tradesmen On Time for electrical switchboard upgrade, inspection, repair and installation in Brisbane: 1300 853 564

So many character homes from yesteryear are beautiful and quaint, just think of our iconic Queenslander homes! A lot of time, money and effort may go into to lovingly restoring these homes to their former glory and delightful to still have these memories of years gone by for newer generations to enjoy! However, these homes may have a dangerous, and potentially life threatening danger lurking! The old Switchboard!

Many lives have been lost or impacted due to old switchboard malfunctions causing house fires! Old switchboards with poor connections have also been responsible for deaths and injuries caused by water pipes and metal appliances in the house becoming live!

If you still have an original and outdated switchboard with porcelain fuses, this will need to be upgraded as soon as possible. Some of the older switchboards have a particle board backing and some even have asbestos creating an added safety hazard and most definitely out of its safe useful service life. Also many older switchboards do not have a safety switch. In fact it is legislation to have these replaced and cannot be repaired.

If your house was built before 1990 it is well worth ensuring that your switchboard is safe and upgraded!

In a previous blog we talked about Switchboard upgrades that has a lot of useful information and worth a read!

Please keep your family and home safe and feel free to call us and we will be more than happy to get one of our certified and qualified Electrical contractors out to conduct a Switchboard Inspection, even if you are unsure. You can even send us a photo for a quick response. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Upgrade my Switchboard Please

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