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Aaagh! Not again, just when you settled in to watch the footy and just when it looks like your favourite team is going to score the final winning goal for season, or you are midway through baking that birthday cake and the lights go out! Disastrous on both counts, nothing worse than having to do some explaining to your footy mates or a sunken half baked Birthday cake with party guests arriving within the hour!

We regularly receive calls about this, and not just in Queensland but from other states too! Fortunately this is our forte and one of the areas we specialise in.

Electrical Services Brisbane – Circuit Breakers

If you feel like pulling our hair out – read on, we have put together a comprehensive trouble-shooting guide:

1. If you are unable to turn the safety switch back on, systematically go from room to room unplugging every appliance from every wall plug and socket and then try resetting the circuit breaker. That includes the TV and powerboards from behind the cupboard, your microwave oven, and the dishwasher. The common offenders are kettles, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, tank pumps and the on on top of the Most Wanted offender list – the Fridge. These appliances tend to get a bit of humidity in the wrong place. A few other offenders are pool pumps, igniter powerpoints for gas cooktops and water heaters.

2. When you are 100% sure that everything has been unplugged, then try resetting the circuit breaker. If it instantly clicks off again, do another check in case there is an appliance you forgot. Think about your stove rangehoods, your clothes dryers, and gas cooktop igniters. There is often one appliance in a hard to reach place that is the culprit.

3. Some newer types of safety switches only click off to a middle intermediate position when they trip, and you need to switch them all the way “off” to reset before switching them back on. We have had some embarrassed, and in some cases, annoyed people when we turn up and reset the breaker in 30 sec.

4. If after you have unplugged everything, reset your circuit breaker and it stays on take a big sigh of relief! You can now go through the house plugging back one item at a time and check when the circuit breaker trips to identify the problem appliance.

5. We recommend plugging in a radio first and turning it to a loud music station, that way you can hear when it turns off while you are plugging appliances back in.

6. If the lights are working but the sockets in one particular area of your home is not working then follow the tips above, unplug and replug the appliances to identify the culprit.

7. If all else fails and you have tried everything, it could be a wiring issue, then we recommend you give us a call.

8. And lastly and very importantly – If it clicks off with a “pop” or a “flash,” don’t touch it anymore! This is an indicator of a “hard fault” which could cause the breaker or the appliance to explode if you keep trying to close the breaker. This needs an urgent call to an electrical contractor to check out. We here at Tradesmen on Time are experts in the field. Call us on 1300 853 564 and always happy to help!

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