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Electrical safety switches are a vitally important component for electrical safety in the home, but like any piece of equipment they need to  be checked regularly to ensure that they are operating correctly.

Equipment that is visible or used every day, such as our cars, washing machines, microwaves, etc  are relatively easy to check if they are working safely and in the manner for which they were designed.  It is easy to forget about the safety switch, hidden away out in the switchboard, and not give it a second thought until the time we rely on it to save either life or property.

A safety switch which is not checked and operated periodically is prone to fail exactly when it is most in need.  As it is a primarily mechanical device it can become “stuck” if the mechanism is not activated for long periods.

Happily, this is very easily avoided.

Manufacturers recommend monthly tripping via the test button located on the switch.  Whilst this is the optimum test interval, I would recommend testing your electrical safety switch twice a year, or at the very least once a year.

To remember to test your safety switch, I suggest a couple of different strategies to my customers.  Pick a task that you do periodically around the home.  It could be heartworm tablets for the dog, the service for the car, receiving the rates notice from the council, whatever works for you.  Once you have picked this “trigger” event, link this to making the time to test the safety switch, once you have done this a few times it becomes an easy habit.

If that is a bit difficult to remember, pick a single day of the year.  The fire department recommends checking your smoke alarms on the 1st of April, April fools day.  Single dates like this are easy to remember, and you could change it to whatever takes your fancy, wedding anniversary, grand final day, whatever you like.

If your safety switch trips and resets successfully, “happy days”! If it doesn’t give us a call and we can come and replace it for you.

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