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This is one of the questions that Tradesmen On Time has been asked recently, and if one person out there wants to know the answer, then I’m quite sure lots more do too:

Does it make sense to remove the off-peak meter for my hot water or pool power?

I think that if you have a lot of unused power during the day (possibly only getting 6-8c /kwh) then it is definitely worthwhile to shift this load to the daytime when the sun is shining. If you also have your off-peak meter removed you will save on the rental on this (yes, there is a metering rental charge). The only downside is that when we have a rainy day or week then the power to heat your hot water will be more expensive, but in Brisbane it is worth it overall. At our house we have a contactor and a timer controlling the hot water so it’s only on during the day (approx. cost for us to install $400). We also use the timer function on the washing machine to do loads during the day, and press “go” on the dishwasher when we leave the house. The pool also runs during the day…

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Whatever you are renovating or fitting out, whether it’s a shop or an office or a factory, a Tradesmen On Time local electrician is near you and our licensed team of master electricians can come right over and do everything you need — the full range of electrical repairs and services, from lighting and signage to heating and air conditioning. Our commercial electricians work with property maintenance firms and builders on all types of major electrical renovation wiring too.

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